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If you have ever wondered how to utilize something that everyone already has with them for a trivia game then look no further!  DigiGames most popular product turns any player’s web-accessible phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, Mac or PC into a trivia device for fast-finger questions or audience polling keypads.  

What makes QandAtime so popular?  Your players don’t even have to be in the same room as you, which means you can drive traffic to your Website or Facebook page and host a trivia game in the comfort of your own home or on-air at a radio station.  Or you can restrict participation within a venue.


You can use trivia questions from our database or create your own custom rounds.  QandAtime also supports text-based trivia questions or pictures or a combination of the 2.  Use QandAtime for trivia, scavenger hunts collecting surveys, audience response polling and more!


There is no contract or monthly commitment.... cancel anytime!


How it works:  Call us to sign up for QandAtime and receive a username and password.  When you log into your account simply select a round of trivia and announce a special 5 digit code to your players.  All players that enter that code into their Internet capable device are instantly joined to you in a round of trivia.  Players submit answers or buzz in and verbally state them.  When all the questions are used up in that round your screen and all the player devices show who won and a full leader-board of all participants.


QandAtime is fun, interactive and very easy to use!  Be the first in your area to use it.... sign up today!



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