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CLOBBER - Unique, fun, and Wireless

Are you looking for a fresh new way of performing trivia?  This one is about as fresh as it comes!  The objective is for the players to hit themselves or each other over the head with a foam bat to answer, or force another contestant to answer.  Our software games ‘see’ the contestant get hit wirelessly and identifies who got Clobbered by turning on the LED light on the front of their hard hat.  


System includes:






The hard hat contains a wireless transmitter which sends a signal to your computer when the contestant is harmlessly “clobbered”.  The other contestants are then locked out.  A contestant who knows the answer clobbers himself.  If a contestant thinks that another participant doesn't know the answer, he/she can clobber them and put them on the spot.  Since the clobbering device is made of foam rubber, no contestant is actually harmed during the course of the game......except maybe their dignity!


Clobber will be one of the most interactive and unique game show systems you will ever own.  Clobber your competition by being the first in your area to offer this new and exciting game.  Clobber interfaces with all DigiGames' software!


Give us a call.  We will gladly point you in the right direction.  Also, we custom build systems and provide kits for custom systems frequently!

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Now with light-up LEDs!



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