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It is quite the understatement to say that our products are more geared towards the trivia environment.  But have you considered other ways of using our wireless buzzers beyond the traditional trivia formats?  

Getting creative on this topic here are some ideas with use of any of our wireless buzzers, mostly with the TM-120 Trivia Cubes in mind.  Also, using DigiGames QuizMaster program will be very important with the above suggested formats.  Here's some ideas:

1.  Music Roulette - Assign an entire song for a buzzer ring-in instead of just a sound effect.  Our games allow you to alter the sound effects that are played when a player rings in.  In this activity, add an entire song instead.  Then at the end of the night when you are down to your final song put out 5 or more buzzers with complete songs assigned to each buzzer.  The final song chosen is based on which buzzer the first person on the dance floor presses.  Once a buzzer is pressed, any other buzzers pressed will be ignored, due to our software's lockout features.

2.  Bean Bag Toss - Place all your buzzers in a pattern, like bowling pins.  Then provide bean bags to a contestant.  From a distance they have to toss the bean bag onto a Trivia Cube from across the room.  If they land on a buzzer they get the points.  An additional creative variation is to assign audience members a number so if the bean bag lands on buzzer 4 then audience member numbered 4 has to tell a joke, sing a song, or is chosen to be one of the next contestants in a trivia game; or at a wedding selects which table can go through the buffet line.  

3.  Bean Bag Toss (Part 2) - Place your buzzers in a triangular pattern and using bean bags the contestant has to toss and turn the lights on for all  buzzers, one buzzer at a time.  When a bean bag lands on a buzzer the light will come on, and with a special program that we have the light will stay on perpetually.  The contestant is given 15 bean bags which ultimately translates into 15 attempts to turn on the lights on all buzzers one at a time.  With the 15 tosses, if the contestant is able to turn on all the lights on all 6 wireless buzzers then the contestant wins!  This semi-mimics a Minute-to-Win-It game.  Note:  Contestants should be 15+ feet away for the toss and arrange your buzzers 1 in the front, 2 in the middle row and 3 in the back row.

Getting creative and thinking outside the box with our technology for use in some physical challenge game will bring you rich rewards.  Try it and see for yourself.  These options above are great supplements to your rounds of trivia.

On a side note, if you need some sort of utility written to make buzzers come on and stay on, or to flash, just let us know your format and what you need and we might just go to work on it.
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Re: Getting Creative with your Game Show System - Outside the box ideas
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We usuallyt throw in a question that would be setup at random with an image slide that just says "PHYSICAL CHALLENGE".

We then create a number of physical challenges... for instance, we would have the contestant put on oven Mits, then give them a bowl of Hershey's Kisses. They would have 30 seconds to see if they could open and consume 15 Kisses. Or we would put 3 oranges on a table... they would have to peel and eat all three without using thier hands in 30 seconds. Those can get messy... so we also have a bucket of tennis have to transfer the balls from one basket to another in 30 seconds without using your hands.  We've also done transferring "PRINGLES" or Lays Baked Potato Chips from one tray to another without breaking them only using the Oven Mits or boxing gloves.

Things like that are always fun, and everyone is always snapping pictures and laughing hysterically.