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The Marshmallow Game
« on: November 08, 2008, 05:17:49 AM »
The Marshmallow Game

Props: 1 Straw for each team member
1 or more Marshmallows per team member
2 Bowls per team

Teams: 3 or more per team with 2 or more teams.

Setup: Each team member has his or her own straw. Each team has 1 bowl of Marshmallows.
We supply a minimum 1 Marshmallow per team member. Each team has 1 empty bowl on the opposite side of the playing field\playing area.

Object: Relay style race. 1 member at a time, using the straw sucks up one marshmallow (with the straw). Crosses the playing field and blows the marshmallow into the empty bowl.

Each player runs back and tags the next person on their team to Suck & Blow. First team with all the Marshmallows in what was the empty, now full, bowl wins.

Sometimes we also make them take the marshmallows back to the original bowl (if we wanted to blow a little more time. Ha Ha Ha.)