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Software Commercial - Free DigiGames Program
« on: March 15, 2010, 03:56:16 PM »
Many users report how easy it is to get bookings by simply bringing in a wireless buzzer or 2 and a laptop to a meeting with a potential booking client.  Often the user launches a game or 2 and demonstrates how the wireless buzzers are used with the trivia software.  We have taken this concept one step further by creating a commercial that displays screen shots of our games. The commercial consists of a flash movie that is ultimately interactive with a majority of the systems that DigiGames produces.  You can download and install this commercial for free by clicking  After you install the game, launch it with your wireless receiver attached to your computer, and press any of the wireless buzzers to watch the movie interact with your wireless game show system.  If you do not have a system yet, you can use the number keys on your computer keyboard to trigger a simulation of a wireless buzzer press.

What is the purpose of this movie?

It is now possible to show your software games to a potential booking client without having to open and close each software game that you have.  With the movie, a slide-show type format of our various software games is viewed.  When you plug your USB receiver into a USB port and press a buzzer, the movie interacts with the hardware buzzer and identifies which buzzer was pressed.

I don`t have a buzzer system.  Can I still view the buzzer press identification part of the movie?

Yes, simply use the number keys on your keyboard to do this.  Buzzer "10" is represented by a key press of the number "0" on your keyboard.

I don`t hear anything when I play the movie.

The movie is silent.  This allows you to talk to your booking client about the games while showing it.  When a wireless buzzer is pressed, however, a brief sound effect will play.

What do I do to get this movie?

Simply click here, or copy/paste this into your browser:

Does it cost anything?

No, but we love positive quotable feedback!

Why are you giving this away?

We truly hope you use it, and get lots of bookings.

Can I customize this movie?

We can make simple additions to the movie for you for $50.  These simple additions might include the embedding of your company name and logo, contact info, and any other type of catch phrases or performance descriptions into it.  Sorry, we will not consider complex alterations at this particular time.  We are VERY busy.

You were able to make a flash movie interact with your wireless buzzers??

Yes.  This is a huge step forward for DigiGames.  A whole world of possibilities opened when we successfully pulled this off a few months ago.  This truly opens the way for some graphically explosive software games in the future.

What DigiGames models are supported by this movie?

Both previous and updated technologies for the TM-25, 50, 100, 110, 120, 160, 190, Take It `er Leave It, and Clobber.

Before I download anything, please describe the commercial.

The commercial is simply a flash animation file that `flips` through various screen shots of our software games.  These screen shots fade in and out, flip around, change colors, explode, implode, etc - for a reasonably professional appeal.  Text appears along the top to highlight some of the virtues of hiring an entertainer. The commercial plays for 30 seconds (approx) and loops back to the beginning and plays indefinitely.

What are the system requirement to play this movie?

Any PC running the Windows-OS is sufficient.  It will not run on a Mac unless the Mac has Windows running on it.

We hope you enjoy the game show movie, and truly hope you are able to put it to good use.
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