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Bar Gigs
« on: August 24, 2008, 11:11:41 AM »
We have been actively pursuing weekly bar events in our area, with no luck. Even with demos, and free events, people dont seem very interested in the idea. Is there a sales pitch we are missing? Is there any ideas out there that people are willing to share?
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Re: Bar Gigs
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2008, 04:13:35 PM »
Hello Full House:

Let me ask you a few questions, which may help determine the answer to your question:

1.  Do bars in your area make money this time of year?

2.  What game(s) are you playing?

3.  Is the audience getting motivated over the course of the trivia session, or is your performance style more of a formal Q and A?

4.  Have you considered focusing your energies in securing school and corporate events?  At this time of year school is now just starting up in most places, and usually fund raisers are planned toward the beginning of the school year.  Also, corporations in your area are likely lining up their entertainment for their upcoming Christmas party.  These are 2 hot avenues to pursue in an Aug/Sept marketing effort.

This is a good time of year to leave business cards and brochures with bars, but not to offer any free gigs or expect to get a ton of gigs.  Leave the business card and brochure with them and tell them that you will contact them again in a few months when things start picking up.  Then ask them when their bar starts picking up and schedule a month/day/time for the next meeting. 

Remember, too, people want what they can't have.  If you tell them that you are extremely busy (don't lie...maybe you are busy with weddings this time of year) and it would be tough to accommodate them.  This makes for a relaxed no-pressure sales effort that bar owners will respect and remember especially since they are frequently approached by DJ after DJ usually.  Make your presentation stand out.  Leave the card/brochure and tell them that you will talk to them when YOUR schedule slows down a bit and when their business likely is going to pick up.  An overly eager saleman is a hungry salesman - not saying that that is you...but I have seen it all to often, and have made the mistake myself.

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Re: Bar Gigs
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2008, 09:59:16 AM »
Hi Full House! No matter the economy, Bars & Pubs will always be to the unfortunate burns by unfulfilled promises of smooth talkin' BIG Promisin' DJs, Karaoke Jockeys, poker clubs etc. I have found that starting small focusing on 1 or 2 bars and really working with the bar on the entire night will grow a solid customer base.

YOU pick the bar, The bar must have a good existing clientele! provide flyers at the tables and in the bathrooms! You must get the parking lot half full! if you do, people driving by will see! Get the bar half full so people wont be coming into an empty bar! Have the bar provide $30.00 bar gift cert/card for 1st Place $20.00 for 2nd. $10.00 for 3rd. BUT make the gift cards valid the day after your trivia night, that will bring them back next week! Take pictures! I even DJ my trivia nights! that way I can keep the energy up. Get the bar to offer .25/.35 cent hot wings, $3 shot specials...Work with the bar, show them that you are interested in becoming long-term business partners, understand that if the bar doesn't make money they cant pay you...if the bar makes money they will pay!

I will gladly anwser any questions! Good Luck!
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