Author Topic: Editing together a great promo video  (Read 3239 times)

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Editing together a great promo video
« on: September 23, 2011, 10:02:37 AM »
Many folks have videos on their websites to attract prospective customers.  You can do basic videos for very little money or hire a professional, if you have the dough to pass out.  Do you have video on your website of you performing?  If not, you are missing something very important.  People make their decisions often based on SEEING a sample performance.  Speaking from experience, when DigiGames created the 'Video Archives' on their site, sales immediately doubled.  Video sells YOU and your service!  For a great example of what a polished, completed, fully edited video should look like, watch PJ's video here:

The video shows some great concepts:

1.  The audience laughing and having fun.
2.  Contestants laughing and having fun.
3.  Diversity of activities.
4.  Familiarity of activities (games easy to understand).
5.  Interviews/testimonials.
6.  Good graphics and lack of 'cheesy' scene transitions.
7.  Contact information.
8.  Logos and branding.
9.  Comedy and Energy.
10.  Small samples of activities (not too much time spent on a single activity - give 'em a small piece of cake; they will want more!).

Great video, but this should also be on YouTube, not exclusive to a webpage.