Author Topic: Do you have a promo table at your events?  (Read 3010 times)

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Do you have a promo table at your events?
« on: January 03, 2012, 02:11:38 PM »
An often overlooked way for you to get new bookings is to have a promo table at all your game shows.  This should be a table in a good visible area easily seen by your audience.  On the table should be any business cards, fliers, brochures, or any of your marketing material that people can take with them.  The purpose of this table is to get your information into the hands of prospective clients where the client may need to leave early but they do not want to interrupt you during your show to ask you questions about pricing and availability.

Now, if someone wants to talk about their next party to you during your trivia show and you don't have a table with your promotional materials, then you are only hoping that they remember your business name at a future time so that they can look you up to contact you.  The problem is many people don't remember, nor are they going to necessarily interrupt you during your game show for a business card.

Another thought is to have your business cards on each of the audiences' tables, and many entertainers do this.  But be careful....The booking client may not be excited about you using their event for such direct promoting.  Besides, you would be wasting cards and maybe forcing the facility staff to do extra cleanup work. 

Try it with a candy jar and perhaps some fake greenery on the table and just see how much more cards and brochures are taken by your audience members.