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Scavenger Hunt, ideas for
« on: November 08, 2008, 05:11:01 AM »
Scavenger Hunt

I personally use this game at every game show I perform for.  Using the Trivia Cubes, I have a table of winners.  I now need to narrow down the table of winners to 1 single winner.  Here is what I do:

Contestants sit in chairs in one line facing the audience. They have to find one item at a time. Everyone is looking for the same item at the same time i.e. a Pen, a Flower, a new Quarter... you get the idea. Each time they find an item they return to sit in any open chair. They must return each item from whom or where they found it before they get the next item.

Remove 1-2 chairs each time. The fewer the chairs the more difficult\rare the item you should ask for.

Here are a few standard things I ask for:

"The Practice Round"

I give each of the contestants my business card and they have to rush out into the audience and exchange it with someone. The magic to this practice round is several reasons. I get my business card out to quite a few folks in the audience (never be offended if you see a few laying around after the show), but I also now have the names and address of folks who are in the audience. This is important for sending out "Thank You for Attending" notes AND GETS ME BOOKINGS!

Since it was just a practice round with no one out, here is our twist: The first one back gets a "Get out of Jail Free" card, which essentially means that at any point in the game where they are out, they can use the card to get back into the game.

Here are a few standard things I ask for:

A Man's Belt
Ladies Wearing Men's Shoes \ Men Wearing Ladies Shoes
American Express Card (Not A Visa Or Master card which is more common)
A pair of Glasses (After they bring back a pair of eye glasses I explain "NO...I meant a pair of DRINKING GLASSES")
A Man With A Mustache
A Lady With A Tattoo (And Yes! We Ask For Verification)

Here are a few other unique things I ask for:

Toilet Paper (This is the first thing I ask for after the business card. This way they are all cramming together into the bathrooms)
A snow ball (If you have snow in the winter) (BE CAREFUL! Your floor will be slippery for the rest of the game!)
A REAL leaf from a tree (they have to go outside to get it)
Exactly 47 cents
Something Red (When they bring back something with the color red, I say "NO! I meant something READ....In other words...something with text!)
Hand Lotion
Hair Spray
Camera (Then ask contestants to take a picture of the BG or the boss if itís a corporate event, before they get the next item)
Out of State Driverís license
Foreign Money
Cuff Links
Tie Pin
Bobby Pin
A Man with more than one earring. (I didnít say he had to be wearing them. Ha Ha Ha)
Something you would wear in your hair.
Someone who can tell a funny joke. (Then get the person to tell the joke, if the audience doesnít laugh\think itís funny they have to go find someone else)


There are 1 of 2 directions I take with the final 3:

1. All three have to go out and get as many shoes as they can find in 60 seconds (After they strip the entire audience of their shoes, I tell them that it was just for one is out...get ready for roars of laughter)

2. By an audience vote someone will be voted off the "Island". I play Billy Jean by Michel Jackson, and for 60 seconds they have to showcase their best Michael Jackson impersonation. At the end, the winner is determined by who the audience screams the LEAST for to keep in the game.


Again, there is 1 of 2 directions I take with the final 2

1. The first one back with a $50 bill is the winner (then I jokingly say... "You know what you win for winning the scavenger hunt? THAT $50 BILL!)

2. I put on Congo by Gloria Estephan, and the finalist that forms the longest Congo line is the winner. This is an excellent way of sliding from the game into a dance, since everyone is out on the dance floor.

and yes I will accept a Bra, a Slip... who wouldn't??

Some/most of these items are from Scott Faver - one of the best and well paid performers in the world!

Do you do the scavenger hunt?  What are some items you call out for?
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Re: Scavenger Hunt
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2008, 10:54:43 PM »
Scott Faver has another fun item to ask for. He tells contestants to bring "Something a woman wears that you never see." I usually remind them that it's a family show so keep it clean. What you're looking for is perfume or hand lotion but be prepared to get some crazy things.

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Re: Scavenger Hunt
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2009, 08:18:16 AM »

I usually ask for a ringing cell phone.

Also, as an alternative to your foriegn money idea, I sometimes ask for Hawaiian currency.  Believe it or not, this throws some people for a loop.