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You can now assign a video file to a hot key - when your assigned hot key is pressed, the video will instantly play.  This plugin is perfect for those who want to play a brief commercial in Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Feud, or Trivia Squares by simply hitting a letter on the keyboard.  Also the plugin lets you assign images to keys.  Playing commercials from time to time allows entertainers to make additional revenue by briefly advertising a local businesses’ product or service.


Supported file types are VIDEO:  Mpg, Mpeg, Mov, and Avi.  IMAGE:  Bmp and Jpg.


Applies to:  Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Squares, Trivia Feud, and Score Master.





With this plugin, you can replace the software's exclusive use of various images that are proprietary to the software.  When installed, your software games will be instructed to ignore security measures placed on the image files themselves allowing you to manipulate their image content.  The secure images within the games include Standby.bmp, Header.bmp, Ddouble.bmp.


Applies to:  Trivia Board Pro 4, Trivia Squares, Trivia Feud, and Trivia Fortune.





You no longer have to categorize your questions!  The Flash Cards Plugin allows you to run Trivia Board Pro 4 as a flash card type game. When installed, the game board (category and dollar amount) screen does not ever appear. Instead, when you run a set of trivia questions questions they will appear one by one on the screen.  Contestants ring in and solve it and the next question is automatically loaded onto the screen.  You can establish a specific “locked in” point value which will be added or taken away from the contestant’s score, depending on if the contestant answered correctly or incorrectly. You can establish a set “fixed” amount value for each question in a round (selectable point values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 are accessible with a single click).


When the last question is used, Trivia Board Pro 4 will end the game and and declare the winner automatically without a final question (final question feature bypassed in this mode).  If you create a 10 question trivia set from the editor, after 10 questions are solved the game will auto conclude and declare the winner.  The same rule apples to any amount of questions up to 30 questions in a particular round.


When Trivia Board Pro 4 is launched, a help wizard asks you if you want to run the game in Trivia Board Pro 4 mode or in Flash Cards mode and runs the appropriate mode accordingly.


Applies to:  Trivia Board Pro 4.





Daily doubles are a fundamental part of the game with a minimum of 2 required for each round of trivia.  With this plugin, Trivia Board Pro 4 is “forced” to ignore any and all daily doubles within a trivia set.


Applies to:  Trivia Board Pro 4.





A feature has been placed within Trivia Board Pro 4 for people with the plugin pack.  The new feature allows users to customize images and components of the game board on-the-fly.   The color scheme of the categories, bet amounts, and backgrounds can all be customized.  Colors can be manipulated, pictures added, and an infinite amount of ‘Scenes’ or customized skins can be created.  This new feature is important to those who desire to ‘skin’ Trivia Board so as to reflect a holiday, company, or pictures of Bride and Groom.