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We are always looking for the next great game. If you think you have created it and want DigiGames to look at it for possible publication, please read all of this information. It is a guide to what we want, how we want it and where you can send it.


First things first, it should be known that we reject almost all of the submissions we receive. If we don’t accept an idea, rest assured that it is really nothing personal. Let’s just say that we have lots of ideas of our own and a game submission has to be unique and really tickle our fancy before we will accept it. Also, if you don’t follow these rules, the chances of it being seen at all are not good.


Things we want…


Fun! If you don‘t want to play again immediately, neither do we.

Humor. Funny is good, but not mandatory.

New. We like new stuff. New ideas, new applications, new ways of playing all make us very happy. If you have something that has not been done before, you definitely have a much better chance of getting at least a look. (Remember, we do this for a living. We have seen a lot of stuff…)


Things we don’t want…


Games you have submitted to several companies. We don’t get involved in bidding wars.

What your friends think. We are going to judge your game with an eye toward how well we can sell it. Please don’t tell us how much everyone loves your game. Other than these limitations, we are fairly open to anything!


Where to start… Send us an email at [email protected]. Tell us that you have a unique and original game in mind. An acknowledgement reply will come within 24 hours.


Next: Wait anxiously for us to contact you… Please wait patiently for us to contact you. I know it is hard, but patience is a virtue and you don’t want to sully your chances by being annoying.


What to do when we do contact you… Now, if we like your idea, we will want to play it in a simple field test to determine viability of the concept. We will send you our address and a copy of the liability waiver. You should return a playable prototype, if such is available, and the signed liability waiver. Your chances are greatly increased with a playable prototype.  Now, on the plus side, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but the nicer it looks, the better we like it. At this point, it might be helpful to include a development outline with your game. You also must include…The LIABILITY WAIVER! (This is non-negotiable!). If it is not sent when requested, we will not consider your game. This document is designed to protect us from lawsuits and other nastiness that we don’t have the time nor inclination to deal with. Along the same lines, we will not sign your NDA (non-disclosure agreement).  We realize that the liability waiver is designed to protect DigiGames. We do this because there are plenty of laws to protect creators and very few that protect publishers. DigiGames is not in the idea-stealing business. Actually, we wouldn’t remain in business long if we stole other peoples ideas. Rest assured that if we request a prototype of your game, that we intend to evaluate it on its own merit. That being said, if you are bothered by the liability waiver, do not send us your game idea.


Next: Wait anxiously for us to contact you… again…  Again, please wait patiently for us to contact you. We are very busy and it may take a while to get to your game. Please be patient.


Let’s make a deal . . . If we like your game, we will make you an offer. Keep in mind that, as the publisher, we are taking on ALL of the risk of publishing your game. Our offer will be based on this as well as several other factors, including how much work we have to do to get the game ready for publication. We are also open to discuss terms and options. Just because we make an offer doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Honestly, part of the fun is hammering out a mutually beneficial deal.


So now what?!?… We liked your game, a deal is in place and we have started the production process…now what? Well, depending on the game, we may need to do little more development; to fix some problem areas; to change the theme slightly or perhaps, do nothing at all and go straight to production. Whatever we decide, you will be kept “in the loop” and all major changes will be submitted for your approval. Rest assured, we will ask for your input and assistance.  Although we do not exclude the creator from the production process, we do reserve the right to make any changes necessary and to override any of your changes we don’t like. We don’t like being jerks, but as the sole risk takers we feel we have a certain responsibility to do what’s best for our company. The bottom line is that DigiGames has the final say. If this bothers you, we will not be offended if you submit your game elsewhere.


For prototypes, we prefer a physical copy. However, if you have electronic files, please let us know. Sometimes we can use your files for text and other time saving stuff. Well, there you have it. It’s really fairly simple. Now get out there and design some games!


Guidelines for Game Submission