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I’m Broke!”  


OK....So, you want to get a game show system.  You are convinced that you can make a fortune performing trivia.  But all you have is one of these:









DigiGames says, “NO PROBLEM!”  Click here to find out why.



“I Want To See It First!”  



You are almost convinced that DigiGames has exactly what you need, but you want to “kick the tires” personally first.  We understand.


Solution #1.  We are ready to work with you to show you in person all the features that DigiGames products have.


Give us just 1 hour to demonstrate any of DigiGames products at your next disc jockey meeting, entertainer’s conventions, or conference, and to teach you how DigiGames products will help you to increase your bottom line.


There is no cost or obligation!  Simply arrange for a minimum of 20 Disc Jockey  business owners, youth group organizers, or magicians in your area under 1 roof, call us to schedule a date, decide on which 2 models you would like demonstrated, and the nearest DigiGames representative will be dispatched to your area.


Solution #2.  DigiGames is the only game show manufacturer that has a 30-day money back guarantee on all DigiGames’ hardware systems and accessories. We are so convinced that you will absolutely love the look, feel, and quality of our systems that we will give you ALL your money back if you aren’t absolutely, completely, 100% satisfied!  This includes the system itself and all standard shipping charges.





“Can I Be A Dealer or Exclusive Distributor For DigiGames?”


People at your shows keep coming up to you wondering where you got your game show system.  You want to tell them, but you think, “what do I get out of it”?  How about a few of these along the way?










Click here to find out how.






You’ve read down this far, and you are thinking, “This is so cool!  But the idea of figuring out how to game show host, and marketing my service is way too overwhelming.  Besides, I just don’t have the time for all that.”  Then YOU are exactly the type of individual we are looking for.


Click here to find out why.