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TM 120 Mobile Game Show Trivia System
Mobile Game Show Systems  - Customizable Software for your own Questions and Answers
Mobile Game Show Systems USB Buzzer Lockout Lock Out - Customizable TV Style Software for your own Questions and Answers



TV-Style Trivia Game Show Systems


EVERY NIGHT millions of TV viewers play along with their favorite TV game shows - buying vowels, and blurting out answers.  Who doesn’t have fun pretending to be a contestant?   Now THEY can be in YOUR audience.

SO, FOR 100 POINTS:  What is the best way to make your next trivia show, employee corporate training, or school event a hit?

THE ANSWER IS - TV STYLE TRIVIA - fun and interactive trivia quiz parties!

CALL DIGIGAMES TODAY to bring a new hot QUIZ craze in your area and create a real TV game show experience!  Our trivia quiz software and wireless buzzer response systems come together as a fantastic package.

YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT is fast and fun.  DigiGames’ mobile contestant lockout buzzer gameshow systems and TV style software games are used every day by entertainers, event planers, schools, broadcasting, and various employee training programs around the world.

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Description:  Mobile Game Show quiz systems and TV software games. Complete source for contestant wireless quiz buzzer game show equipment with lock out features. Mobile Game Show quiz systems and TV software games. Complete source for contestant wireless quiz buzzer game show equipment with lock out features. Wireless buzzers, buzzers, wireless quiz, quiz, wireless lockout, wireless lock out, lockout buzzers, lock out buzzers, games, game show, gameshow, system, game show system, TV games, television games, software games, software, trivia software, cordless buzzer, cordless buzzers.

TM-120 - Wireless Quiz Buzzers


Click HERE for more info.

TM-140 Audience Response Audience Voting Wireless ABCD Keypad

HOTTEST SELLER: - Turn player’s cell phones into fast finger buzzers and audience response keypads!


TM-140 - Wireless Quiz Buzzers


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Trivia With Your Cellphone